About TuneWood

Steffi was “on stage” whenever possible since she was very young – beginning with modern circus and dancing. Her first musical education was classic guitar play in a guitar and mandolin orchestra when she was a child. During over ten wonderful years in an Irish dancing company she began to fall in love with the traditional dancing music – and especially the sound of the Irish wooden flute. She soon decided to make the flute to “her instrument” and had great renowned German and Irish teachers. Amongst thousands of wonderful older and newer traditional melodies and great international flute players the Hannover Irish Session remains a source of inspiration for Steffi  – and that’s exactly where she got to knew her band partner Milena.

Milena also grew up in an environment full of music. After having begun her early musical education on the piano she decided to play the harp at the age of thirteen. Her enthusiasm to choose this instrument resulted from the music of Irish bands like “Clannad” and the “Chieftains” that she listened to on her father’s LPs. Soon she gained first experiences of value with the Celtic harp in the Hanover Irish Session. After a while Milena also played Worldmusic, Jazz and Classic. She studied a bachelor on classical harp in Detmold and a bachelor on Jazz harp at HFMT in Hamburg.

Together TuneWood enchants the audience with the sound of their instruments – traditional tunes with their own groovy arrangements enriched with their personal touching style for wonderful concerts.